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Elizabeth Naameh

Data scientist, teacher, career coach.
Inspired by humans and optimizing for happiness.

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About Me

I am a data scientist, outdoor enthusiast, and advocate for computer science education for all.

I taught high school math and computer science in Los Angeles public schools for five years, with a focus on culturally responsive pedagogy and college readiness. In Summer 2021, I completed an immersive Data Science and Engineering bootcamp at Metis, where I honed my skills in data wrangling, statistical modeling, and machine learning techniques.

I now serve as a Data Science Coach for Multiverse, a fast-growing ed-tech start-up that seeks to expand equitable pathways to high-paying tech careers for non-traditional learners. 

You can find me carrying a stats book while backpacking across Yosemite -- or collaborating with like-minded educators over coffee and Zoom!

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Topic Modeling with Jeopardy! Trivia

Performed topic modeling on 200K questions from Jeopardy! archives. Deployed a quiz app to help people study -- or just have fun!

Github | Final Report | Web App

Predicting Home Prices in Los Angeles

Compared linear, ridge, and polynomial regression models to predict LA home prices based on 10K scraped Zillow listings.

Github | Final Report

Exploring Subway Growth in Post-Pandemic NYC

Exploratory data analysis of NYC subway traffic with data manipulation using SQLite, Pandas, Seaborn, MatPlotLib, GeoPandas.

Github | Final Report

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Instacart Basket Market Analysis

Predicted whether a user will add-to-cart by utilizing classification algorithms and engineering features to optimize f1-score.

Github | Final Report

Mapping Extreme Weather Events in the US

Used SQL to process 1.2 million weather events and engineered geospatial features to investigate the costs of climate change.

Github | Final Report

Culturally Relevant Teaching in CS Education

Develop peer-to-peer professional learning experiences focused on addressing equity and inclusion in CS classrooms.

Workshop 1 | 2 | 3

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Los Angeles, CA

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